Stars Shine Bright …But My Reviews Don’t Need Them


….. I’ve changed my mind.

When I started this blog I started because I enjoyed reading all types of books, and felt like it was a great way for me to share with everyone what I was reading. It was also to support friends who had published books, or were on the journey to publish. For this reason I started with no star ratings. When I first posted reviews I would write a short 200-400 word paragraph on what I disliked and liked about the story. It was a refreshing way to review without the pressure of star ratings. I later asked on my Facebook page whether people preferred stars, words, or stars and words. Most said stars and words. I tried it. I truly tried it, but I just don’t think it’s working anymore. It was just far too hard to categorise my reads and

Star ratings really do affect everyone involved, reviewer, writer, reader. I’ve noticed a lot of weight is put on to the stars, but that star ratings are a really individual thing. What I feel is a three star rating (which for the record, I think is a really good rating!) may be a one star or a five star for someone else. For me, I don’t see much value in them.

Prompted by a recent blog post by Romance Novels by the Beach, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it, so I‘ve decided to stop the star ratings again. In my future reviews, I will share with you what I loved, what I might not have loved, and why I think you should read that book, or who the best audience for the book is.

My hopes are now I won’t be pressured to put a book in a ‘box’. Instead I can give my opinion and share with you a well-rounded review based on the writing, the storyline, and my level of enjoyment. So now.. I will go forth and write up all the July reviews that are waiting!!

P.S Speaking of reviews. Have you heard the Amazon controversy?! They aren’t letting you review if they ‘think’ you ‘know’ the person. Strange things are happening! Check out the controversial blog post that started it all by author Imy Santiago. Read it here –> An Open Tipsy Letter to Amazon It’s gaining traction over the world and will be interesting to see what happens.

Rating Reviews: Star Light – Star Bright – How Many Stars Will We Add?

Before now I haven’t given any of the books I’ve reviewed a star rating. I do so on Goodreads because it makes me, but I’ve always felt that it was saying a very clear message of read this ..or don’t, based on stars. I think writing what you didn’t like and what you did like really mean a lot more than stars. However….. it seems that stars are really important when it comes to all those awesome authors I get to read. So from now on, all reviews will be accompanied by a star rating. Below is a table of what the star ratings mean for this blog:




1 star = Did Not Finish – Not For Me – You might like it so at least check it out
(I’m going to be honest and say I probably won’t share a lot of these – is there really a point in making an author who has put their heart and soul into something feel bad?! Nope!)


2 star = I see the point of the book but I just didn’t like it. It didn’t connect with me. It was really hard to finish but I did. Check it  out at your own risk.
(again, not sure how many of these I’ll post, but that’s okay!)


3 star = Was a good book. Interesting and engaging, although it was a book I could easily put down and come back to. I still liked it and would really like if you checked it out.


4 star = I really loved this book. It captured me. It kept me interested and I really enjoyed being able to escape into this books world and characters.


5 star = Whoa. What day is it? I spent all day ignoring the housework, and all night ignoring sleep just so I could finish this book. It was AMAZING and you should DEFINITELY check it out – IMMEDIATELY.

I’ll start this system with the next posted review … for now…

Happy Reading!