Rating Reviews: Star Light – Star Bright – How Many Stars Will We Add?

Before now I haven’t given any of the books I’ve reviewed a star rating. I do so on Goodreads because it makes me, but I’ve always felt that it was saying a very clear message of read this ..or don’t, based on stars. I think writing what you didn’t like and what you did like really mean a lot more than stars. However….. it seems that stars are really important when it comes to all those awesome authors I get to read. So from now on, all reviews will be accompanied by a star rating. Below is a table of what the star ratings mean for this blog:




1 star = Did Not Finish – Not For Me – You might like it so at least check it out
(I’m going to be honest and say I probably won’t share a lot of these – is there really a point in making an author who has put their heart and soul into something feel bad?! Nope!)


2 star = I see the point of the book but I just didn’t like it. It didn’t connect with me. It was really hard to finish but I did. Check it  out at your own risk.
(again, not sure how many of these I’ll post, but that’s okay!)


3 star = Was a good book. Interesting and engaging, although it was a book I could easily put down and come back to. I still liked it and would really like if you checked it out.


4 star = I really loved this book. It captured me. It kept me interested and I really enjoyed being able to escape into this books world and characters.


5 star = Whoa. What day is it? I spent all day ignoring the housework, and all night ignoring sleep just so I could finish this book. It was AMAZING and you should DEFINITELY check it out – IMMEDIATELY.

I’ll start this system with the next posted review … for now…

Happy Reading!

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