Frequently Asked Questions (by nobody else but myself!)

I asked myself some questions and came up with some answers!

Do you do Cover Reveals?

I have done those in the past, however I really feel that I need to read the book before I can promote it. I’m a book cover lover, but have also come across times when the book inside the cover isn’t exactly to my liking.

****Okay – I am going to change my stance on this. I WILL do a book cover reveal ONLY IF I am going to be doing a read/review on the book. All books I choose to read I do a review for. There’s a reason I don’t do star ratings, because I like to give fair reviews. So, cover reveals WILL be included in the future posts****

Can I send you my book for a review?

I am happy to have a look at the book, or at least a link to Goodreads or Amazon and see if it’s something that would interest me. Then we can discuss whether there is time for me to read and review in a time frame that is beneficial to both of us.

Do you participate in blog tours?

I love joining in with fellow bloggers and doing blog tours to promote books and authors, however ideally I would have read the book and can also post a review on the blog tour post.

How can you be contacted?

Email me at any time at sydneygenreads@gmail.com

On my Facebook page: SydneyGen Reads

Do you charge for reviews?

I’d never charge for a review, although all forms of coffee and cupcake deliveries are accepted.

What genres do you read?

I like to give everything a go, although I’m not a fan of thriller/horror genre *(sorry to all those awesome horror/thriller authors out there).

I see you have a Sunday Spotlight – Authors on Show regular post. What is that?

I decided it would be fun to spotlight a different author every Sunday. These are not necessarily authors of books I’ve read and that’s the idea. It’s all about discovering genres, authors, new things…together. I open submissions every couple of months and will post on my Facebook page when that happens.

Why are your reviews so short?

I try to write reviews that are between 200-300 words. I feel like anything over that can start to get into rambling territory, and would contain spoilers which would be no fun. Short, sharp, and sweet…that’s what I’m hoping for.

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