Winner Winner Chicken Dinner — ooooor BOOKS!

Hi Everyone!
I’ve just returned home from a very successful birthday weekend for my 8 year old. He requested we go out of town to spend some time with friends and to watch his favourite NRL football team play. He absolutely LOVED all his presents, but I was thrilled when his eyes widened when he opened his Harry Potter boxed set! We’ve already read the first book together, and now it’s exciting to know we have a lot more adventures to read about together!

Sooooo… THANK YOU to everyone for entering, sharing, and being supportive in the Birthday Bonanza Giveaway!! The following winners were chosen at random by the Rafflecopter app.




Please email me within 24 hours of this posting at with the best email to send you the gift card! ENJOY and Please come back and share which book/s you chose with your prize!!!! I love to discover new reads!