Book Review: The Butterfly Effect by Renea Porter

Genre: New Adult / Paranormal Romance

Riley and her best friend Bea are starting their freshman year of college. Away from home and on their own the two witches are still learning what capabilities they have.

Nathan is the most powerful witch, known as the wizard. Over the centuries he’s managed to keep a low profile. That is, until Riley walks into his class.

While trying to manage her magic, Riley’s attraction to Nathan intensifies. Riley also befriends Ace, a frat boy Bear shape shifter that feels protective over her for a number of reasons.

Not everything is as it seems. But the one thing that remains is her fate, as it hangs in the balance.

Does Riley’s fate lie with Nathan or Ace?


91c22-7b92e-210f2-add-to-goodreads-button3SGMyReviewThis is a truly new adult paranormal story. It follows a young witch who is coming into her powers and discovering what that means in her life. The prologue really sets up the story of what will happen, and how Riley will deal with all the power she possesses.Whilst I felt that at times there was a lot more that the story could have been expanded on, maybe fleshed out and explained a bit, I still enjoyed reading it. I wanted a little more between Ace and Riley, but in the end I felt this wasn’t a love triangle book. It’s a book about a young girl finding her love, and through confusion, betrayal, and magical intervention, fights for what is right and what she wants. The Butterfly Effect (as in, the actual butterfly tattoo Riley possesses, is really cool!) If you like reading in the new adult paranormal fantasy genre, I can recommend this book. It’s a great one for mature young adult readers as well (due to some mature sexual content, I would recommend readers over 16).


Book supplied by the author for an honest review.