Book Review: The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak




Genre: Children’s Book

Inside Cover Blurb:

A book with no pictures?

What could be fun about that?

After all, if a book has no pictures, there’s nothing to look at but the words on the page.

Words that might make you say silly sounds…

In ridiculous voices…

Hey, what kind of book is this, anyway?


A little bit different on the blog today!! A fantastic children’s book, that has seriously jumped up on my favourites list. I can’t wait to read it to a classroom full of kids….

I saw this book on the internet after a video was uploaded of the author reading it to a room full of children. The delight in their faces was contagious. When I saw it on the bookshelf of my local bookstore I knew I had to have it.

What a brilliant concept. The idea is that the book doesn’t have any pictures, but it does have lots of silly, fun words. It’s up to the reader of the book to engage and truly throw themselves into the story telling. I read this to my five year old who was in hysterics. I had to stop at one point because she was laughing so much. Once we finished, she immediately wanted me to read it again. This time, even though she knew what was coming, she loved it just as much as the first time.

The engagement levels, and entertainment this book provides are endless. With words like BOO BOO BUTT (an absolute favourite, of course! – You said BUTT!), and ma GRUMPH-a-doo, this book lends itself to a little silly, and a lot of fun.

A must buy for any parent, or school library. My five year old has requested we read it to her six and eight year old siblings, as soon as they get home from school!!!!!

B.J. Novak has hit it out of the park with this one! We needs lots more books that lend itself to imagination!


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The book is published by Penguin and retails for $19.99AUD. However, it is also available as an enhanced e-book.

About the Author:   

BBio Image.J. Novak is well known for his work on NBC’s Emmy Award-winning comedy series The Office as an actor, writer, director, and executive producer. He is also acclaimed for his standup comedy, his performances in motion pictures, and his New York Times bestselling book of short stories, One More Thing.


Check out the video of author, B.J. Novak, reading the book!