Book Review: First Kisses by Dina Littner ~ A Short Story

Dina Littner presents First Kisses. A short story that is incredibly sweet, although incredibly short! (this is me screaming for more more more!!)

It was really cute. I loved the interaction between the teens in the treehouse. The two best friends and Jillian are exactly how I remember with my friends when I was that age. It was so easy, and just ..was.

I loved that the boys called her Jills, and the natural chemistry they have leads into the perfect discovery of Jills getting her first (and second) kiss!

First Kisses is all about discovery and contemplation! I loved the style of the writing of Dina Littner and anxiously anticipate the extension of this story, or lots more stories from her! She will bring a wonderful storyline to her first novel and I absolutely look forward to reading it in 2016!

Definitely read this if you’re after a super quick read of cuteness and first time kisses.

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I’m a writer. I write romance. I do other things, too. I do. . . Watch for my debut book ~ Through An Open Door ~ in early 2016.