When you read and read and never review…

Hi Everyone!
Just another quick note from hell (I mean, home) …

As you know, this blog is a ‘hobby’ for me, and by definition should be something I love to do. You may (or may not) also know that I am a full time studying mumma to 3, and have a hectic life.

Thus, the blog is quiet. It doesn’t mean I’m not reading (especially those books I’ve been sent by amazing authors/PR companies/publishers). It just means that they are all in my head and I haven’t had time to sit and format blog posts. I’m about to start a crazy 3 week full time placement block with uni, but once it’s over – I am freeeee for 6 weeks!! In that time I will load up all of the owing reviews!

If you have sent me your book and you can’t find my review online please feel free to drop me a line at sydneygenreads@gmail.com – I’ve been known to need a little nudge and reminder every now and then.

Thanks for sticking around! I love love love love love love love books……………..just so you know.
Also – coming later this year (because we don’t have ENOUGH stuff to do) I’m going to be starting a new website/offshoot of this brand for Children’s/YA books! I’ve got the perfect little readers who will be helping me review books! Let me know what your favourite Children/YA books have been for 2017 and we can start to look at them (ALSO, if you’re a Children’s/YA author – drop us a line! I’ve got some keen lil readers ready to go!)

And now…. I must go and finish an assessment that is due tomorrow *cries all the uni tears*

Until next time…
Happy Reading!


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