I Need Your Help!! Book Recs Wanted

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick post to ask all my followers for some books recs.

My hubby is going on an overseas trip to Scotland & Ireland (let’s not even talk about me not being able to go with him!!!!), and he will be on the plane for a really, really long time.

I’m looking for some book recommendations I can download onto his iPad for him. Some mature reads, perhaps?!

In the past he has enjoyed James Patterson style books, as well as The Hunger Games and Maze Runner.

He enjoys shows like LOST, Outlander, and Dark Matter.

Can you help me out? In the comments let me know what type of books I can get him.. or.. have you written a book you think he might enjoy!?

2 thoughts on “I Need Your Help!! Book Recs Wanted

  1. Has he read any of Ian Rankin’s books? They are detective thrillers set in Edinburgh, so perfect for his trip. And what about Jo Nesbo? Has he read any of his thrillers? I got into those after reading the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series. And then there’s a few other Scandinavian authors that I love. Camilla Lackberg (best to read those in order, as there is more to her series than just a bunch of murders to be solved) and then of course, there’s the Wallander series, but I can’t remember the name of the author. So there’s a few for starters. 🙂


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