Sunday Spotlight: Authors on Show – Lacey Roberts


About the Author:

My real name is Susan Horsnell and I write sweet Western Romance under this name. Lacey Roberts is the pen name I chose when I began writing Erotic Romance. My stories are entirely fictional. I try to give the reader fantasy, an escape from real life, a Cinderella type story.

I grew up in Sydney but now live in sunny Queensland where I spend my days walking my dogs, reading, writing and renovating our home. Married for almost 41 years, my husband and I also enjoy a great deal of travel.

I run a small advertising site called Easychair Bookshop

As an Indie author I realised we were often buried beneath the big authors on the larger sites. Last August I decided to start a free advertising site with the aim of making it easier for readers to find new authors. The support has been phenomenal, the site is growing rapidly and the readership is now around 3,000 per day who spend an average of 11 mins at the site. Authors tell me they are selling in countries that hadn’t sold in before EC and readers berate me as they say they are easily able to find and purchase books from genres they wouldn’t have previously bothered with, they are spending more money! All advertising at the site is completely free. I have a home feature where I spotlight an author and all their books every Friday and Book of the Week changes every Tuesday. Authors submit their interest for these but due to an overwhelming response, I have had to close the submissions temporarily. Books, however can be listed at any time. There are numerous genre tabs and any buy link of the authors choosing is added. Note: Books are not purchased from this site, readers are taken to the purchase site via a Buy Now button. At the moment I also have a competition running. It is not reader vote but numerous judges will judge the works on their merits. I have beautiful, engraved medallions for the winners with a certificate for first to fifth and a ‘stamp’ which can be attached to their covers.

My plans for the immediate future include travel to the US to meet some of my author friends.

I hope you enjoy my latest release, Deadly Secrets which is set in Canberra, Australia – the Nation’s Capital. We have just returned to Qld after being in Canberra for 2 years. This story, like everything I write, is purely fictional but there are numerous real places and facts covered. I could not have made it as realistic without the advice of the A.C.T. Police Media Centre and the Forensic Medical Centre at Sydney University. I am grateful to both.

Lacey’s Books:

Deadly Secrets Take one hot, sexy cop add a beautiful Forensic Pathologist and you have one heck of a steamy love affair.

TeaserBUT, who is threatening their lives?

Whose life is really at risk? AND, why has a young man been murdered and what the hell do snakes have to do with it all?


Jennifer is the captive of Vince, an unscrupulous man who owns a strip club. She is unable to escape her enforced prison until the fateful day her parents are killed.

Freedom brings it’s own set of complications and before long she is destitute.Captive FB

Tate is a Detective Inspector desperate to solve his sister’s murder. In the course of his investigation, his path crosses that of the gorgeous stripper.

Their sex is explosive and before long they have an insatiable lust for each other. Is it love?

Will she help him bring his sister’s killer to account? Will she endanger the cops family?

Can he protect her?

Greek Affair

Adrastos ‘Addie’ Papadakos is a Criminal. He arranges gun and drug deals with Russia and Niger. He is the product of a rape and to provide for her son, his mother is forced to become a whore. He grew up in a brothel where he learns about sex at the tender age of thirteen. He hates women.

Mario Anastopolous is a successful Banking Executive. He has just come out of a relationship where he hadn’t been satisfied.

When Addie ventures into a Gay Men’s Club in Athens, he meets Mario. Both had been on the lookout for a lover. Their attraction is instant.

Addie is domineering, in charge. Mario is meek, submissive.

When Mario accepts the invitation to go home with Addie, he doesn’t realize just how good his life is about to become. Following a night of spanking, sex, pain and pleasure, Addie makes Mario an offer that is too good to refuse. Mario gives up everything to be with this man who can provide him with the sexual variety he craves.

For the first time in his life, Addie has genuine feelings for someone else.

Guardian Cop Kindle

Adrastos ‘Addie’ Papadakos is a Greek Drug Lord, his cartel is running Cocaine all over Europe and he is about to flood Sydney with the deadly drug.

He considers Bethany Holt his property and she has been trapped in his world of illicit drugs and dominant sex for over six months. She rues the day she consented to move in to his palatial home.

Addie’s best friend, and long-time lover from Greece, arrives at the house and when Bethany overhears them plotting a murder, her life changes dramatically.

When she is found beaten, bloody and close to death in a back alley of Kings Cross, Detective Tanner McMahon and his partner, Kylie Wilson are called in on her case.

Will Tanner be able to protect her from the powerful drug lord?

Will she submit to Tanner’s dominant sex play?

 Loving Hurts

Two girls are thrown together by circumstance during turbulent times, falling in love is the last things on their minds.

What happens when one falls for the sexy building owner and the other falls for a returned veteran?

Will their ideals and opinions come between them?

Will steamy loving be enough?

Murder Hawaiian Style

Senior Detective Atoni Grind and Senior Constable Grinch Kapule are two handsome police officers who are called in to solve murder cases on the Hawaiian island of Oahu.

Grind is the lead detective of Task Force Akamai, Grinch is the senior Police Constable.

When a young girl is murdered and left on the edge of a Diamond Head cliff, the two men work together solving the mystery.

By day they solve crime, by night they pleasure each other.

Taming Gemma

Liam Butler is a 26 year old Investment Banker.

When his mining magnate parents perish in a helicopter crash, as their only son, he is left a very wealthy man.

He is a Dom on the lookout for a new Sub. This time he wants someone young who he can train.

Gemma Carmichael is a 20 year old Office Worker, the only daughter of a Diplomat. She is a Virgin.

Liam and Gemma meet at a society wedding and sparks begin flying.

Liam resolves to give the gorgeous, but bad tempered girl, a wide berth, until their paths cross again two weeks later.

Will she become the Sub he is searching for?

Whispered Pleasure

Blake Hunter is a master of horses. On his ranch in South Eastern Texas, he gentles wild horses for rodeo, pleasure and ranch work. He also runs beef cattle.

Lexie Jamison is a thorn in his side. The gorgeous, dark haired firecracker has come to the aid of his sister following a life changing accident. He hasn’t seen her for four years.

Attraction is instant but Blake doesn’t have time for a contradictory pain in the butt. Within hours of arriving she has him so tied up in knots, he is hard pressed to remember his own name.

Lexie thinks four years away from her arrogant cowboy will have dampened her crush. How wrong she is.

Sparks fly as they disagree over his sister. When he finds her in tears down by the river, neither can fight their attraction any longer and passion takes over.

Will this be the beginning of an intense love affair or will Lexie give up and walk away? Does a near tragedy finally open Blake’s eyes?

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QandAHow would you describe the writing to publishing process? Any fun analogies?

The writing to publishing journey is a fun one for me. Once the writing is done and edited, I publish to Amazon for ebooks and Createspace for paperbacks. In the beginning it was an ‘interesting’ experience. Incorrect formats that were chewed up and spat back at me, covers that were not the “exact” size, bleed areas which were compromised, I was a beginner – what the hell was a bleed area? Eventually, I discovered, if I played nicely and by the rules, my book would end up in Cyberspace and I could order a tangible, paper and ink copy which I could hold in my hands. Ah, the joy of it all. Then comes the promotion and advertising, another story for another day.

Are you a plotter or a fly by the seat of your pants type writer?

I am definitely not a plotter. My characters talk to me, they tell me their story and lead me where they want to go. Sometimes, I wish they would lead me there without so many bumps in the road.

Do you listen to music or are you a silence in the library writer?

Silence, if I have music on half of the words end up on the screen.

You’re going to a deserted island and you’re allowed 3 books to read for the rest of your life… which books and why?

Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell. I love the description, the way she brings characters to life. It is my all time favourite and no matter how many times I read it, I am spirited back in time

My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult. This book throws you for a loop and every time I read it, I expect the outcome to be different.

Any Di Morrissey Book. I would have to think about which one for a while, a hard decision to make. I love how she writes Australia into her stories. Most of the places she writes about I have been to so it is very easy to visualise.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be with you.

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canstock6030971Thank you so much to Lacey for joining us for another Sunday Spotlight!

This week I went into a bookstore, because who can’t resist, right?!?! I ended up walking out with Dirty Rowdy Thing by Christina Lauren and Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover. I can’t wait to devour them! I’ve heard great things!!! Any favourite books that you have absolutely devoured lately!?

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