Sunday Spotlight: Authors On Show – Steve Harrison

We’re back again with my regular post on authors. Let’s discover a brand new one today! The genre is Time Travel – Adventure – History – Duty – Revenge … sounds exciting to me!! Let’s meet the author!

SteveHarrisonAbout the Author

I’m an Australian writer who was born and grew up in England and, unlike the convict characters in my novel, I was not forced steve-harrisonto come here! I live in Sydney with my wife and daughter and I have a ‘real’ job, at least until writing becomes my real job. TimeStorm is my first novel and I have written short stories, articles, a long running newspaper humour column and a number of unproduced feature film screenplays. Oh, and I’ve written three produced short films under my partnership with director John Osmond, Pronunciation Fillums. I am hard at work on my nextnovel, the first in a proposed YA science fiction trilogy.

Steve’s Book


TimeStorm, an epic action adventure tale of convicts, time travel, history, romance, honour, duty and revenge.

In 1795 a convict ship leaves England for New South Wales in Australia. Nearing its destination, it encounters a savage storm but, miraculously, their battered ship stays afloat and limps into Sydney Harbour. Here, the convicts rebel, overpower the crew and make their escape, destroying the ship in the process.

Fleeing the sinking vessel with only the clothes on their backs, the survivors struggle ashore. Among the escaped convicts, seething resentments fuel an appetite for brutal revenge against their former captors while, for their part, the crew attempts to track down and kill or recapture the escapees. However, it soon becomes apparent that both convicts and crew have more to concern them than shipwreck and a ruthless fight for survival; they have arrived in Sydney in 2017.

TimeStorm is a thrilling epic adventure story of revenge, survival and honour set in a strange new world of unfamiliar technology and equally unfathomable social norms. In the literary footsteps of Hornblower, comes Lieutenant Christopher ‘Kit’ Blaney, an old-fashioned hero, a man of honour, duty and principle, dragged into the 21st century – literally.

A great fan of the grand seafaring adventure fiction of CS Forester, Patrick O’Brien and Alexander Kent, and modern action thriller writers such as Lee Child, Steve Harrison combines several genres in his debut novel. The book was inspired by a replica 18th century sailing ship on Sydney Harbour and a question from Steve’s brother, Tony: “What if that was a real convict ship?”

TimeStorm explores that question in a fast-paced story as a group of desperate men from the 1700s clash in 21st century Sydney.

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1. How would you describe the writing to publishing process? Any fun analogies?
It took 25 years to get TimeStorm published, so I would describe the writing to publishing process as ‘long.’ I would write a revised draft every few years and then submit to a new bunch of publishers, but it was always rejected. I was constantly looking for a publisher who saw what I saw, an old fashioned ‘blood& thunder’ adventure with something for everyone. Eventually I found Elsewhen Press in the UK and the feedback from readers appears to have justified my perseverance.

2. Are you a plotter or a fly by the seat of your pants type writer?
I hate plotting so much, I would rather write myself into dead ends. I see my stories and scripts in my head and work on them there, so they usually come out reasonably well formed. Is that plotting? Maybe. The only written notes I make are towards the end, so I don’t miss any of the threads requiring resolution. That’s the theory, anyway.

3. Do you listen to music or are you a silence in the library writer?
I always listen to music while writing. Actually, I should say I have music playing, but because I get totally absorbed, I can often miss an entire album. When I am conscious of sound, though, I choose music suited to what I’m writing. For instance, TimeStorm is filled with action, so I often played pieces by movie trailer specialists, Two Steps from Hell. Blood & thunder, indeed!

4. You’re going to a deserted island and you’re allowed 3 books to read for the rest of your life… which books and why?
I couldn’t possibly take unread books, in case I didn’t like any or all of them, so I have chosen three I have read and enjoyed multiple times.

Flashman in the Great Game by George MacDonald Fraser

The villain from Tom Brown’s Schooldays was brought vividly to life in a wonderful series of comic – though historically accurate – novels, lying, whoring and doing his utmost to avoid danger in every hotspot in the 19th century – and failing. I’ve read them all, but this Harry Flashman adventure, set during the Indian Mutiny, is my favorite and will withstand a great many further reads.

The Stand by Stephen King

A monster of a book and my favourite by King. A post-apocalyptic epic with marvelous characters and one of, in my opinion, the best fictional villains ever. I read this often.

Tolstoy’s Bicycle by Jeremy Baker

My final choice is a non-fiction work. A wonderful collection of interesting feats by famous people throughout history, sorted by the age at which they did them. It’s an endless joy thumbing through this book at random, just the ticket for years on a desert island!

Thank you so much to Steve for joining us on the blog today. It was great to discover a new book that sounds all parts intriguing and cool at the same time. Let me know if you’ve read it! I’d love to hear your thoughts.If you’d like to connect with the author, check out the following links:

My website with all buying links




Thanks for joining me for another Sunday Spotlight. See you next week with another one! cropped-readsheader.jpg

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