Review – Holding Out For A Hero by Stacey Joy Netzel

hofahpolaroidGenre: Contemporary Romance.

Kelsie Newman meets the man of her dreams at the beginning of a really, really bad day, so excuse her for not recognizing him. Good thing she’s a smart girl and a quick learner. When he rescues her from her Good Samaritan act gone bad later that day, she doesn’t make the same mistake twice.

I think we can all say we’ve been in Kelsie’s shoes, and had ‘one of those days’ when NOTHING goes right (in fact, I’m pretty sure I had one, yesterday!). This is a super short story, and a great read for in between longer reads. I enjoyed the heroine of the story ‘holding out for a hero’, and subsequently realising, we can all be heroes in our own ways, every day. Holding out for a he

   I came across this book when I was looking through freebies online! Sometimes you can find a gem in the pile of rocks, and this one is a short, quickie that is one of those. Grab it now, whilst your waiting for your knight in shining armor, or polished shoes and a suit! I’ll definitely be checking out more from the author.

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Stacey Joy Netzel Website

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